Here is what others are saying about Christi:

“Christi is a dynamic, science-based Registered Dietitian at the forefront of her profession.You won’t want to miss an opportunity to follow Christi as she rises to the top of the experts. Real, down-to-earth and always cutting-edge with innovation, Christi has the knowledge YOU need NOW!”
~Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD
Author, Doctor’s Detox Diet: The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

“I have known Christi for 13 years. She has always had enthusiasm and passion for health and wellness. Christi is dedicated to helping others and has a genuine compassion for people. A quality that seems rare in this day and age. She stays current with the latest developments in her field. I feel fortunate to have met and worked with Christi.”
~Brenda T.

“I worked with Christi in a program for children with special needs and complex dietary issues. She is conscientious, highly knowledgeable and skilled in working with children of all ages.”
~Kathryn Hunt, PNP – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

“Christi is a genuine and true professional. Spend just a few moments with her and you will instantly know her passion and enthusiasm to see people live their life to the fullest. She is able to express the delight in eating to help you live your life the way we were meant to without making it over complicated and confusing. Christi deeply cares not only for the health of those she comes in contact with but also cares about their mindset about the capabilities of our bodies when taken care of through nutrition and exercise. Often when most people think about working with a nutritionist you expect to walk away with shame and guilt of your current lifestyle, yet with Christi I walk away excited to make positive life changing decisions about what I eat, how I exercise and the way I think about what my body was designed to do.”
~Lisa H.

“Christi is a brilliant dietitian to whom I turn for both personal and professional recommendations, opinions, and advice. She is highly knowledgeable and extremely professional. I recommend her regularly when anyone is in need of an RD’s services.”
~Amy M.

“Christi has an amazing passion for healing through nutrition. Prior schooling and work experience left her with specialized experience, working with pediatric patients, which few dietitians possess. As a professional, she has great demeanor and compassion for all patients. This stems from all she achieved so far in her life and how she cares about people, including her patients and all of those in her personal life. Christi will provide you with the education and tools you need in order to achieve the health status you are looking for in your life.”
~Lacey B.

“Christi is a very hardworking and determined Registered Dietitian. After observing Christi’s motivation and high level of nutrition expertise, I know she will do whatever it takes to provide above and beyond care for her clients. I strongly recommend Christi to help with your nutritional needs.”
~Ashley E.

“Without judgment, Christi has walked beside me through the ups and downs of my weight loss journey displaying empathy while promoting consciousness, education, and lifestyle choices.”
~Leah S.

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