Nutrition Services

Christi has experience in a variety of dietary therapies for both adults and children. Her current areas of focus are the ketogenic diet for neurological conditions and cancer; blenderized tube feeding management; polycystic ovarian syndrome; and pediatric feeding or growth issues.

A FREE phone consultation can be arranged to discuss services in detail as well as tailor a plan specific to your goals and health needs.

Since Christi provides Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), some services may be covered by your health insurance plan. Superior Sustenance will supply you with necessary paperwork to submit for direct reimbursement from your insurance company*.

Initial Nutrition Assessment: (1 hour): This thorough evaluation will review your current and past health history, medications, supplements, health concerns and goals. Preliminary education and counseling provided during this visit. Individualized, calculated diet including exchange lists for different food groups and 1 day sample meal plan will be provided via email following this appointment. Follow up appointments are recommended for further education and dietary recommendations after the information provided at the assessment can be reviewed. $199 per hour.

Initial Consultation at Client’s Home: (90 minutes): In addition to the initial assessment, this consultation includes baseline measurements (body weight, percent body fat and inches), review of foods at home and recommendations for healthier alternatives. $299. Additional cost for mileage may apply.

Follow-up Appointments: Discuss the progression of your health goals as well as be provided with continued counseling and education for long term success. $89 per 30 minutes, $170 per 60 minutes.

3 Day Diet Analysis: Detailed analysis of your current diet with total calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Includes print outs of diet compared to recommended intakes as well as specific diet suggestions to meet recommendations $199.

Meal Planning (1 hour): Each Initial Nutrition Assessment includes an individualized meal plan with exchange lists to allow flexibility in planning your meals, but also allow for structure of a balanced meal plan designed to meet your health goals. Should you require more specific help in planning meals, Christi can create additional sample meal plans as desired. This service does not require a visit, but will be billed based on the amount of time spent creating the meal plan. $49/hour.

Hair Mineral Analysis: This valuable screening tool will help uncover mineral deficiencies, toxic metals, and imbalances that may be hindering your health and wellness goals. Specific information about your metabolism level, nutrient functions, and ratios of important minerals will provide specific dietary information to achieve proper nutrient balance and restore optimal body function. Cost includes detailed, printed analysis, dietary and supplement recommendations. $89 for initial test, $59 for retests. Additional fee for reviewing results may apply, but can be combined with follow-up visit.

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Additional services available, call 480-577-7046 or email for details.

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*Reimbursement by individual insurance companies varies based on carrier, plan, and diagnosis. Provision of paperwork is not a guarantee that services rendered by Superior Sustenance will be covered by your insurance plan.

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